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What is a LAN Event?

A LAN (short for Local Area Network) Event is when people get together on the same network and do things with one another. Back in the day they would throw these types of events to share files with each other.  Obviously we are way ahead of that time but we do condone sharing legal NON-COPYRIGHTED files during our events over an ftp server. We refer to LAN events as a time/place where we can game against each other via PC or console.

A LOT! Since the event will be atleast 24 hours, a schedule will be made beforehand so people know what to warm up for and expect. It’s optional to play what’s on the schedule, but we encourage everyone to participate to gain the full effect of the ‘LAN hype’. We plan to incorporate a few things in the near future like a couple physical activities to get the blood flow back and a cosplay contest to break the night up. There are a few other things brewing, so stay tuned!

Yes! We will order pizza throughout the night and have drinks readily available for sale.  One thing you can count on in the morning is all you can eat LAN-Cakes! That’s right, we’re makin’ bacon lancakes!- well no bacon but we love ‘Adventure Time’ …

Computer – Mouse – Mouse Pad – Keyboard – Under 30″ Monitor – Headset – Power Cords

Please have your games downloaded before you arrive

As part of the community we want to help the community. We’re considering holding a raffle for hardware/other things. We will pick a food drive to fund and hope to make a big impact. There’s more information coming about this but I want it to be known that our attendees will have the opportunity to win awesome stuff in return for can food in the future.

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