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Time to step your VR GAME UP

The number one most played game during events!

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What is VR (Virtual Reality)?

Virtual Reality is something that EVERYONE should have on their bucket list. A piece of hardware that separates you from reality that is so immersive, it can leave you shaking and sometimes screaming!

Bring in the crowds of people to LakeLAN’s VR booth with a hi def tv that displays everything that the person playing is seeing! There will never be a dull moment because everyone can get involved!

How do I get my hands on VR?

Many people want to WOW their guests at an event with different things to do such as face painting, inflatable slides or dunk tanks. There’s one way to really make your event stand out from others and that’s virtual reality! Call, text or email us today to book your next event!

We handle the entire setup! From installation to break down you will be worry free. We will bring in and set up the following:
-10×20 canopy tent for all of the equipment
-2 tables: 1 for the tv, 1 for my PC & monitor
-2 tripods that scale the area and enable tracking for the headset and controller

Ultimately, it is decided by whoever is hosting the event.

Typically people switch after 3 attempts to finish an entire song within Beat Saber.

We are responsible for our equipment so at any given time if we feel there could be damage done to any of the equipment we will pack up and leave. Payment will be lost even if there is no incident taken place. If incident does occur, it is at our discretion to take appropriate action based on the severity of the incident. Remember this is expensive equipment so you MUST listen and follow direction when given.

Ready to throw a memorable event?


We will set up, break down as well as supervise and assist when we can, at a rate of $100/hour with a 2 hour minimum.


You can also find us at festivals, shows and other activities around Lakeland, FL. Typically rates are $1/minute. *prices are subject to vary*

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