Use Cases

Review Filter System

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How Does The Review Filter System Work?

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Step 1

Initial consultation:

Our team will consult with you to understand your business needs, target audience, and existing review generation efforts.

Step 2


Based on our consultation, we will create a custom review generation plan that includes the review filter process. We will determine whether manual outreach or automated integration is the best approach for your business and set the criteria for filtering out negative or neutral reviews.

Step 3


If automated integration is the selected approach, our team will integrate the review generation system into your WooCommerce website. We will ensure that the system is properly configured and synced with your website's purchase data.

Step 4

Review request:

Once the system is set up, we will initiate the review request process by sending personalized SMS/emails to your customers or automatically sending them after their purchase. We will also provide clear instructions for leaving a review.

Step 5

Review filtering:

After the reviews are collected, we will filter out any negative or neutral feedback according to the criteria set during the planning stage. This step ensures that only positive reviews are published on your website and other review platforms.

Step 6

Review publishing:

The filtered positive reviews will be published on your website and other review platforms, enhancing your online reputation.

Step 7

Monitoring and reporting:

We will monitor the review generation and filtering process to ensure it continues to meet your business needs and provide regular reports on the results. This step will help identify any areas for improvement and optimize the review generation process for better results.